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Welcome to the Flashlight Museum!

Our goal is simple: to provide an easy way for flashlight fans to browse through some of the greatest vintage flashlights to ever hit the planet and to check out some of the up and coming high-tech models. We add flashlights to our website when we receive them at our museum, so be sure to check back often, as the online collection is constantly growing.

Not only does this website list thousands of flashlights, but it has some valuable resources as well. We have a list of some online historical documents, value guides, and flashlight video features in our Multimedia section. The Flashlight Museum is also the best place to find other avid collectors' collections online.

We currently have a total of 450 individual brands and 3,700+ unique flashlights online.

Fun Links:

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News clip with MN Twelve News on June 16, 2005 (

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The Flashlight Museum specializes in providing antique, vintage, classic and new high-tech flashlights. Some of the most popular flashlight brands include Eveready, Ever Ready, Surefire, Maglite, Pelican, Brinkmann, Streamlight, Delta, Garrity, Winchester, Ash Flash, Franco, Coleman, Rayovac, USA Lite and Duracell. We have such styles as LED, Candle, Art Deco, Tactical, Military, Standard 2 Cell, 3 Cell, safety lights, lanterns, rechargeable, fluorescent flashlights, keychain and novelty lights and much more. This website is a great resource for flashlight collectors and those who enjoy collecting batteries and accessories.