Garrity Flashlight - Yellow Tuff Light with Black Trim (c. 1995)
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Flashlights : Garrity Brand / Mini Style

Garrity Yellow Tuff Light with Black Trim  
Garrity Yellow Tuff Light with Black Trim

Value: $2.00
Manufacturer: Garrity
Mfgr. Model #: N/A
Circa: 1995
Battery: 2AA
Style: Mini

Online Since: 5/20/2003
FM Reference #: GA00004

  Fireball SP2
"Mini Lightsaber"

Garrity is one of those companies that, throughout the years, has made some good flashlights, and then some pretty crappy ones too. Why can't they just make good ones and then be fully impressionable? (was that correct grammar?)

This little light is part of the 'Power Lite' series that came out in the mid 90's. The 'Mini Power Lite' comes in several colours, including this seriously bright yellow, a sporty dark blue, brick red, and....uh....I think that's it. I prefer the yellow in case you need to find it easily. The water resistant ribbed body gives you a fair grip, and it's hard plastic casing is quite durable.

But don't be fooled. The outer shell is durable enough, but the innards are not 'very' impact proof. I dropped a few of these in the last long while, and while some survived, some didn't fair so well, and either flickered a lot in use afterwards, or just simply heaved and died. And most of these tumbles were, oh, say, about two to four feet from the ground.

All that aside, the great thing about this light is how bright it is. Boasting a super bright krypton bulb, it blasts out a lot of light, both in it's fish eye accurate spot for distance and pinpoint lighting, as well as it's generous spillover, thanks to it's well designed reflector. Also, a signal button has been installed next to the switch, in case you're lost in the woods. Signal, man! Signal!

I do recommend this light for ladies purses, since this thing is very lightweight and small (and bright!), or for the little boys and girls on camping trips, backyard exploring, or simply as a gift. Forget the video games and comics...get them a flashlight! Still, I do suggest that if you really want the best for a couple of bucks more, get the Dorcy Industrial 2AA or Energizer Rubber 2AA light. Very durable, and bright!

Garrity has other sizes available in the Power Lite series, including the super bright 2D size (this thing's beam goes very far), and the mighty 4D floating lantern (beam goes realllllly far). Although the Power Lite series was strangely discontinued recently, you may still find the odd one somewhere lost on a store shelf. Oh, but good news: Walmart still carries the 2AA Mini for only $5.00, and they keep stocking it. Guess they made 10 million too many.

Jun 4, 2006 - 11:06 AM

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