Maglite Flashlight - AA Cell Black Mini-Maglite - Model No. M2A016 (c. 2001)
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Flashlights : Maglite Brand / Mini Style

Maglite AA Cell Black Mini-Maglite  
Maglite AA Cell Black Mini-Maglite

Value: $10.00
Manufacturer: Maglite
Mfgr. Model #: M2A016
Circa: 2001
Battery: 2AA
Style: Mini

Online Since: 5/06/2003
FM Reference #: MF03166

One big problem with the Mini Mag is battery corrosion/expansion, which invariably occurs if the flashlight sits unused for more than a few months.
Jul 8, 2010 - 12:55 AM
The LED upgrade makes this the best flashlight ever .......Again!
Jun 8, 2008 - 10:34 AM
These Maglites are the best thing out there !!!! I'm a retired auto tech and I have my original AA MiniMag Flashlight (Red) it has many scratches and the color has worn in places from many years of use but it still WORKS ! How many years old is it ? I have had this Maglite for 23 yrs !!!!!!!
Jul 28, 2007 - 3:20 PM
My AA has held up for the past 8 years with no problem. It has a few scratches and I have had to replae the bulb once. The only problem I ever have is carrying it in a hip holster, it sometimes gets turned on accidentally when it rubs against somthing. I have seen a tail-piece which has a switch which might compensate for that. A spare set of batteries works too. Overall, it's a great tool. Highly recommended.
Jul 3, 2007 - 9:43 PM
  Len Burton
hi i have several of theese lights and generally carry one at all times .
while they are tough i have managed to kill a few,severe drop,lost in tank of chemical ,leaky batteries.
i still think they are the ultimate in small effective lighting i work as a photolab technician and most darkrooms dont have lights installed to prevent accidenally exposing film and therefore mine get alot of use.i have used them as pimary lighting on several caving expiditions and camping trips
the only annoying thing besides the rather short battey life is the tendency to turm on in your pocket but if your paying attention you can feel the heat after a few minutes.
i do fully intend to upgrade at least one of them to led but i cant cdecide wheter to buy one or make one up{ill let you know}
Nov 5, 2006 - 11:13 AM
This maglite rocks! I purchased this flashlight because one day at work, the lights at work started to flicker and it almost looked like we were going to have a blackout. Where I work is a place where we rely on lights. We have stations where we keep first aid kits and flashlights. The flashlights we have there are very cheap. Probably .99 cents. I decided to purchase a flashlight so if there is another blackout at work, I would be ready to whip it out.

I started to look into some kind of flashlight that was conveinient for me to carry. The first flashlight that caught my eye was the Mini Maglite. I saw other flashlights but Maglite won me over. The overall appearance is awesome. The weight, the reliability, the choice of a variety of colors and the price was great. At around ten bucks, you get a good deal.

Even though this thing still uses regular bulbs, it's still a good deal. Not to mention that there are many accessories available for this flashlight that other companies don't have like accessory packs, belt holsters, and mounting brackets. I have seen a big pack of flashlights that carry 2 regular size flashights and 2 small flashlights that cost around $6.00. With Maglite, I know I am going with a brand that works.

Since I have purchased this flashlight about a month ago, I have come across a few moments where I needed it. I love my little maglite and even though there are other small flashlights with LED bulbs, I think the Mini Maglite is the best regardless of the bulbs. The brightness is very bright for a small flashlight. I am going to start collecting other Maglite flashlights and the good news is that I have started to see official LED 2D Maglites. Hopefully an official LED mini maglite comes out soon. I highly recommend this Mini Maglite to everyone who is looking for a small flashlight to carry around everywhere.
Jul 13, 2006 - 9:07 AM
  Fireball SP2

"Former AA Lightweight Champion"

The Mini Mag followed after it's larger brothers and was especially popular in the 90's like the hoola hoop was for the 50's. hip! A lot of people praise about how bright it is, how cool it looks, and the cool colours to choose from. It might be the most popular AA flashlight used in North America today. Toolboxes, car compartments, knapsacks, sock's been sighted in a lot of places.

Now, there are a lot of reasons besides the 'cool' factor' why people own these lights.

The Mini is, of course, made with machined aluminum. This makes it's tough as nails exterior worldwide famous. Yet, it hardly weighs much. Also, the lens is quite impact resistant. The rain stays out of this one, as tight rubber seals keep moisture out. It's not ultimately water proof, but it does keep the rain out.

To turn it on, simply turn the head of the light a couple of inches, and pow! Out comes the light! The handle is knurled for a better grip, so you really don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand. Now everybody knows that Maglite has the awesome ability to switch it's light mode from a long throw 'spot' beam to a wide 'flood' beam. The Mini has a pretty far reaching spot, and does light up a good size area with it's flood mode. Should you need a spare bulb handy, there is a bulb holder in the tail cap. An option that a lot of people still don't realize today is the ability to remove the head from the rest of the light, and insert it onto the tail end to give the light a standing candle mode.

With these neat features, you'll probably end up feeling more like James Bond than Norman the Camper.

I carry a light with me all of the time. And, a lot of those times, it's a Maglite. Hey, you never know when you need a light. And, when someone needed one, I've seem to be the only one with a light. Showoff? Yeah....I always wanted to be the guy who has something that someone needs. Especially a flashlight. My Mag has helped me and others in a lot of dark moments. Since I always carry a light on me, I can relate to Linus and his security blanky habit.

Is it bright? Oh, yeah, pretty much. Powered by two AA batteries, it gives you plenty of light to use around the house, car, or in a small backyard. That said, overall, Maglites are a little behind on technology today. The Mini is equipped with pin bulbs (or T1 bulbs). Oh, they do the job, sure. But, at the price you pay for this light ($16 Canadian), they sure can be brighter. There are a couple of AA lights out there that can equally perform or outperform the Mini. And, they're less expensive while still being very durable.

How often do you replace a flashlight bulb? Not very often. You will with this one. The T1 bulbs equipped in the Mini are such annoying little crumbs. There have been plenty of times when I'm camping, hiking, or wandering around in the dark, and then....pop! The bulb burns out. Okay, so there's the spare bulb in the tailcap, and that means you can change the bulb. And again....and again....and again. This can also be a problem when you drop the light by accident. 'If' the bulb doesn't pop after you drop it, then you must be carrying a four leaf clover in your pocket.

It's always good to carry a spare set of batteries with you. With the Mini Mag, you'd better carry 'two' sets of spares. This little monster is more thirsty for batteries than a Hummer is for fuel. After a good half hour of bright solid white light, it begins to dull to several fading shades of yellow (the order of these shades of yellow are: bright yellow, urine, motor oil, bronze, and then dead).

Well, the mighty little light has lost it's title a short while back, and that puts it into a second or third placing. It's had it's day. Still, a lot of us fans proudly hold our Maglite's, big or small, high in the air like the Olympic torch. By the way, here's some interesting news for you all.

Terra LUX has introduced us to a new LED bulb system (the Terra LUX MiniStar 2) that will adapt to and make your Maglite the best...AGAIN. With a lifespan of aprox 100,000 hours, a running time of aprox 6 hours on a good set of AA's, and a whopping 1 watt power rating, you can give your Mini the 'AA Lightweight Championship Title' again. 'Mag Instruments' are not responsible for this fantastic new option, and they hope you never find it. They do hope you spend your money on their crappy little T1 bulbs and make them rich! For about $25, you can make a big difference to your Mini, and never look to Maglite for bulbs again! Remember, this is a separate purchase, and it's made by a different company, not Mag Instrument. So far, you can only find this LED adaption on the net.

Now, I am rating the Mini Mag here as stock. It still is a pretty bright light, very durable, and very cool. But, time marches on, and so does technology. If Maglite wants to reclaim their title as 'king of flashlights', then they should join the advancing line and start with the left....left....left foot, right!

Jun 4, 2006 - 11:06 AM

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