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About Us

Dave McLellan
  Founder & Flashlight Guru
What started out as a hobby has turned into something MUCH bigger. In the mid 1990s Dave started collecting one of each of the current Eveready flashlights. The collecting bug bit and he has been collecting ever since. With EBay, the horizons expanded considerably. Dave's favorite venues are still the antique outlets, estate sales and flea markets.

Attending the annual Flashlight Collectors Conventions has become a favorite venue for Dave to establish friendships with other collectors across the country. These conventions are a great source for accessing many of the flashlights now part of the museum.

Paul McLellan
  Marketing / Web Design
Paul has an extensive amount of experience in web design & programming. With over 12 years of programming and design in the lighting industry, he brings a good fit for creating the right framework to display the items owned by the Flashlight Museum to the internet.

Paul is also our marketing director and spends a great deal of time working with various flashlight manufacturers, media outlets and related museum organizations. He also maintains our extensive mailing list, keeping in touch with the many flashlight enthusiasts across the globe.

Bob Popp
  Field Researcher
Bob is the ever-savvy media/field researcher, shmoozing with others in the flashlight "addiction/collection" industry. He brings with him nearly 15 years of lighting experience, and with the nature of his job, is constantly driving around rural MN, searching high and low for antiques to show up.

He has studied flashlights and their various histories and is fascinated by the tremendous popularity and growth in the industry. Bob is also very enthusiastic about collecting the entire Eveready Daylo flashlight line.

Quentin Schiltz
Quentin is our resident high-tech/LED expert. Being a "tinkerer" himself, he is fascinated at the custom flashlight creations that exist. Quentin enjoys taking apart mediocre flashlights and "modding" them to be brighter and longer lasting.

He is a frequent lurker/participant at the Candlepower Forums, where flashlight fans discuss collecting and modification techniques.

Quentin is also one of our field-guys, always on the lookout for good finds, specifically high-tech models.

It is our goal to provide a plethora of nostalgic items for viewing pleasure and to enhance knowledge of these valuable finds. Have fun browsing through our site and taking a walk down memory lane...

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The Flashlight Museum specializes in providing antique, vintage, classic and new high-tech flashlights. Some of the most popular flashlight brands include Eveready, Ever Ready, Surefire, Maglite, Pelican, Brinkmann, Streamlight, Delta, Garrity, Winchester, Ash Flash, Franco, Coleman, Rayovac, USA Lite and Duracell. We have such styles as LED, Candle, Art Deco, Tactical, Military, Standard 2 Cell, 3 Cell, safety lights, lanterns, rechargeable, fluorescent flashlights, keychain and novelty lights and much more. This website is a great resource for flashlight collectors and those who enjoy collecting batteries and accessories.