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Flashlight Contributors/Donators

Thanks to all of the following manufacturers, retailers and individuals who have donated flashlights to the Flashlight Museum - we appreciate your support!

Flashlight Manufacturers / Retailers

Action Lights
Arc Flashlight
Bright Guy, Inc.
CFR Lights
County Comm
Delta Light
Fenix Tactical
Go Light
HDS Systems
Heliotek, Inc.
Super Bright LEDs
Worldwide Tools


Al Gusek
Al Jones
Alberto Naboni
Alfred Gene Englestad
Alvin Frederick
Andrew Bernatovich
Barbara & Warren Boenke
Barry & Marilyn Halgrimson
Best Lighting Products
Bill Utley
Bing & Carol Ankley
Bob Cassel
Bob Hester
Bob Jelinek
Bob Popp
Brian J. Dancer
Brian Jensen
Brian Zachay
Bruce Nordstrom
Captain X
Carl Futoran Lt. Col. USAF Ret.
Casey Gueffray, San Diego, CA
Cheryl S.
Dale Gustafson
Dallas Kunz
Dan McLellan
Dan Somers
Dave Seaman (Plutopete)
Dawn Sorvaag
Dean Schletty
Debra Lodynsky / Garrity
Dick Anderson
Don McLellan
Duane and Janet Daley
Dylan Enderlein
Elaine Thompson
Emi Aizaki
Eric Krantz
Estate of Charles Midlo, M.D.
Frank Lehnan
Gail Mapes
Gary & Mary Campbell
Georgia Schiltz
Glen Horton
Glenn Hyde
Harold Buller
Howard Johnson
Jack Block
Jack McCarthy (Eveready)
James Bourassa
James Ferguson
James Oiler
Janet Thompson
Jason & Joy Bourassa
Jay Johnson
Jeanne Schletty
Jim Crawford (Energizer)
Jim Green
Jim Hurd
Jim Plantenberg (Garrity)
John Enderlein
John Rau
John Spina
Justin Valleau
Ken Eto
Kirk Tathwell
Kristine & Jonathan Nelson
Larry Hibbard
Lonnie Hazard
Lyle Swenson
Mark Cooper
Mark Drummond
Mark Thimsen
Merritt Bartlett
Mike Lee
Mike Scott (Duracell)
Nancy McLellan
Norman Wootton
Olds / Fouts Estate
Pam McLellan
Pat Maranda
Paul and Laura McLellan
Peter McLellan
Quentin Schiltz
Renee Russell
Rob Rich
Robbin Roberts
Robert Hammond
Robert Young
Roy Rust / England
Roy Terry
Scott Thomas
Sharon Sobeck (In Memory of Barton Warnock)
Stephanie Klassen
Steve and Marisha Schletty
Steve Gilbert
Steve Giterman
Steve McLellan
Stormy Sorvaag
Streamlight / Terri Hall
Terence Yuan
Terra General Contractors
Thomas Valerio
Tony Dwyer
Tony Gilbert
Vi McLellan
Vince Cuda
Williamson Estate (Louisville, KY)
Worldwide Tools
Yoel - Sunshine Lighting

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The Flashlight Museum specializes in providing antique, vintage, classic and new high-tech flashlights. Some of the most popular flashlight brands include Eveready, Ever Ready, Surefire, Maglite, Pelican, Brinkmann, Streamlight, Delta, Garrity, Winchester, Ash Flash, Franco, Coleman, Rayovac, USA Lite and Duracell. We have such styles as LED, Candle, Art Deco, Tactical, Military, Standard 2 Cell, 3 Cell, safety lights, lanterns, rechargeable, fluorescent flashlights, keychain and novelty lights and much more. This website is a great resource for flashlight collectors and those who enjoy collecting batteries and accessories.