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Flashlights : Dorcy (129)

Dorcy International, located in Columbus, Ohio, Rickenbacker foreign trade zone Dorcy is the leading manufacturer and distributor of flashlights and lanterns in the U. S. Dorcy is the fastest growing of the flashlight companies and includes Sears, Kmart, Wal-Mart, and most major retail chains as customers.

Dorcy contiues to lead the market in new "niche" and cutting edge product introductions. All Dorcy flashlights are manufactured to strict quality controlled specifications and are produced from proprietary tooling. Dorcy has been in the flashlight business for 35 years and is privately owned.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
Green Plastic LED Key Chain Flashlight 41-1415 2008
Stainless Steel Fish LED Keylight with Key Ring 41-1418 2008
White & Black LED Magnetic Clip Flashlight 41-1420 2008
Black & Aluminum LED Python Flex Flashlight 41-1440 2008
Blue & Black Plastic Luminator Flashlight 41-1480 2008
Black, Yellow & Red Plastic Safety Cone Flashlight with Removable Red Diffuser 41-1482 2008
Transparent Blue Plastic Luminator Heavy Duty Disposable Security Flashlight 41-1501 2008
Yellow & Black Plastic Luminator Heavy Duty Krypton Floating Lantern 41-2027 2008
Red & Black Plastic Luminator Heavy Duty Krypton Floating Lantern 41-2087 2008
Red & Black LED Headlamp with Clip for Wrist Strap 41-2089 2008
Black & Silver (Red LED) Luxeon Headlamp 41-2090 2008
Black & Silver Aluminum Luxeon & Red LED Metal Gear Headlamp 41-2091 2008
Silver & Black Dynamo LED Headlight with 3 Power Sources, Winding, USB Charging, Batteries 41-2092 2008
Black Plastic Adventure Krypton Headlamp 41-2095 2008
Black Plastic LED Headlight with Adjustable Head & Detachable Main Body 41-2096 2008
Black Plastic LED Xenon Headlight with 3 Function Push Button Switch, Adjustable Head, Detachable Main Body 41-2097 2008
Silver & Black High Power 3 Watt Luxeon LED Headlight 41-2098 2008
Silver & Black LED Headlamp 41-2100 2008
Transparent Blue & Black Plastic Frost Brite Flashlight 41-2338 2008
Transparent Purple & Black Plastic Frost Brite Flashlight 41-2341 2008
Blue & Black Plastic Worklight Heavy Duty Krypton Flashlight 41-2350 2008
Blue & Black Plastic Worklight Flashlight 41-2355 2008
Yellow & Black Luminator Krypton Flashlight 41-2360 2008
Yellow & Black Plastic Luminator Krypton Flashlight 41-2361 2008
Black & Red Plastic LED Swivel Head Clip Light with Push Button Switch 41-2400 2008
Black & Yellow Plastic Mini-Brite Flashlight with Security Key Ring 41-2475 2008
Yellow & Black Plastic Luminator Flashlight 41-2481 2008
Yellow & Black LED Waterproof Flashlight with Built-in Battery Indicator 41-2492 2008
Silver & Yellow Plastic, Black Rubber 25 Lumens LED High Performance Floating Flashlight 41-2495 2008
Yellow & Black Plastic 25 Lumens LED High Performance Waterproof Floating Flashlight 41-2498 2008
Blue & Black Plastic LED Flashlight with Magnifying Lens & Built-in Hang Ring with Carabiner Clip 41-2502 2008
Grey & Yellow 3 LED Flashlight 41-2504 2008
Transparent Blue & Black Rubber Gel Brite Soft Touch Grip Krypton Mini Lantern 41-2904 2008
Yellow & Black Soft Grip Luminator Floating Lantern with Handsfree Stand 41-2905 2008
Black & Red Rubber Luminator Heavy Duty Flashlight with Lanyard 41-2946 2008
Black, Blue and Silver Rubber & Steel Boss Xenon Flashlight with Sealed Switch & Lanyard 41-2950 2008
Yellow Rubber Gel Brite Soft Touch Grip Krypton Flashlight 41-2951 2008
Red Rubber Mini Krypton Flashlight 41-2956 2008
Silver, Blue & Black Rubber & Steel Boss Xenon Flashlight with Sealed Switch 41-2960 2008
Red Gel Brite Krypton Weather Resistant Flashlight with Soft Touch Grip 41-2961 2008

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