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Flashlights : Garrity (21)

Garrity Industries will make the same commitment to you and your family as they have made to firefighters across America for 23 years: absolute reliability and quality. Garrity is proud to have been able to assist in the Ground Zero recovery efforts after the September 11th attack on the World Trade Center; three trips were made by the Garrity Family to deliver 20,000 Life Lites to the rescue workers at Ground Zero.

For more information, visit the Garrity website

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Photo Description Model # Circa
2 Cell Black Plastic Light with Lanyard 1985
2 Cell Black/Yellow Light with Ring Hanger 1980
2 Cell Blue with Red Trim Plastic 1990
Black 2 Way Rubber Light with Red Trim 1990
Black Mini Rubber Light with Lanyard an dPush Switch on Base 1985
Black/Green Mini Rubber Light with Lanyard and Push Switch on Base 1985
Blue Disposable 1990
Blue Multi-Function Fluorescent Lantern / Radio / Siren with Flip Light 1975
Dark Grey Mini Light with Yellow Trim and Belt Clip 1990
Flashlight / LED Flasher 2003
Red/Black Mini "G-Tech" Light with Knurled Grip 1987
White Plastic Rechargeable Light 1985
Yellow Tuff Light with Black Trim 1995
Red Plastic Disposable "Life Lite" 1656 1990
Yellow LED Squeeze Key Chain Light DE20FST12N 1999
Blue/Black Plastic "G-Tech" Krypton Light G300G2541 2006
Blue/Black Disposable Plastic LED "Life Lite" KL10G 2677 2006
Orange/Black Rubber LED "Tuff Lite" with Belt Clip and Lanyard KT009G 2688 2006
Touch 'N Lite N400GSS 1999
Black/Silver Rubber "Tuff Lite" with Lanyard T300G 2583R 2006
2 Cell Black Tuff Light with Yellow Trim T500GSS 1998

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