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Flashlights : Hipco (19)

Hipco/Hipwell Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of metal and plastic flashlights that are made in the U.S.A.

Hipwell was founded in 1887 and was owned by the Hipwell family until September 2001, when a group of Pittsburgh investors purchased the firm. Also in December 2001, Hipwell purchased the flashlight division of BMG (Bridgeport Metal Goods) and moved the manufacturing operations to Pittsburgh. From the beginning, the company has been in the business of creating light. Hipwell began with the manufacture of oil lamp fittings: the precision screw that turns up the wick and the delicate brass prongs that hold the globe.

To keep up with the times, Hipwell changed from the production of oil lamp fittings and began to manufacture elegant fireplace mantles and gas lighting fixtures of gleaming silver and brass. These products graced some of the finest mansions of the first half of the 20th century. In many a late-night movie made during the 1930s through the 1950s, one can see Hipwell gas fixtures and oil lamps in use. Hipwell then progressed from the production of oil lamps to the manufacture of arc lamps. The Company was at the forefront of the development of the single-cell battery and developed the first synchronized camera flash attachment.

Hipwell's products are unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Throughout the company's history, employee loyalty has been strong. Over the years, several workers have received 50-year service pins, and numerous others have had parents and grandparents who have worked for the firm. Hipwell continues the manufacturing and assembly of all its flashlights at the original plant on Pittsburgh's North Side.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
2 Cell Vulcanite Baby Light with Slide Button Switch 1924
3 Cell Metallic Ribbed Focusing Light with Slide Button Switch 1929
Nickel Plated Pen Light with Slide Switch 1950
2 Cell Baby Light with Slide Switch 1953
2 Cell Chrome Light with Slide Switch 1953
Chrome "Tom Thumb" Mini Light with Black Switch 1953
Chrome Tom Thumb (MIP) 1953
2 Cell Green/Red/Nickel Tin Lithograph with Plastic Head and Davy Crockett and Flame Decal 1955
2 Cell Metal Light with Red Plastic Head 1955
2 Cell Ribbed Chrome Light with Slide Switch 1955
2 Cell Ribbed Metallic Light with White Plastic Head and Red Plastic Slide Switch 1955
2 Cell Rodeo Signal Lite 1955
2 Cell Rodeo Siren Lite 1955
2 Cell Tin Litho Space Boy Siren-Lite 1955
Art Deco Mini Light 1955
2 Cell Black Plastic Light with Pyramid Switch 1956
2 Cell Black Plastic Light with Rubber Ends and Yellow Slide Switch 1960
5 Cell Black/Chrome Light with Boat Style Switch 1960
2 Cell Black Plastic and Rubber Light with Pyramid Switch (MIB with Paper Band) 1965

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