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Flashlights : Lumilite (38)

Lumilite, a division of Lumilite International Ltd. was founded in 1981, and is a privately held company. Lumilite continues to be a leader in flashlight technology and design. It has established itself as one of the largest, hand-held lighting manufacturer's of plastic and rubber flashlights and lanterns in the world, with over 300 SKU's. Lumilite maintains offices in the U.S., Hong Kong and Canada, with warehouse and distribution facilities in Portland, Oregon (USA), and Toronto, Canada. Our products are designed in the U.S., and then manufactured under the strictest quality control measures at their 300,000 sq. ft. production facility in China.

For more information, visit the Lumilite website

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Photo Description Model # Circa
2 Cell Black Light with Red Trim K-2D 1978
2 Cell Opaque Blue Light 1980
4 Cell Black Rubber Lantern with Red O-Ring 1980
Black Knurled Plastic Mini Light with Green O-Ring and Facing K-2AA 1980
2 Cell Purple Plastic Light with Yellow Ring Z-2C 1980
2 Cell Black Rubber Light 1985
2 Cell Standard Red Light with Lanyard 1985
Metallic Green Penlight 1985
2 Cell Blue and Black Lantern 4200 1985
Black and Green Krypton Lantern 4600 1985
Yellow and Black Krypton Lantern 4600 1985
Red and Black Krypton Lantern 4700 1985
2 Cell Grip Light K-2C 1985
2 Cell Rubber Z-Lite Z-2C 1985
2 Cell Black/Yellow Light with Knurled Grip 1990
Black/Orange Plastic Mini Light with Lanyard 1990
Opaque Blue "Z-Lite" Lantern with 6 Position Stand 1990
Black Plastic with Purple Label Mini Light with Key Ring K-1AA 1990
2 Cell Black/Green Light with Knurled Grip K-2D 1990
Opaque Blue "Z-Lite" Lantern with 6 Position Stand 1993
Opaque Purple "Z-Lite" Lantern with 6 Position Stand 1993
2 Cell Grey Plastic Light with Knurled Grip and Yellow O-Ring K-2D 1995
Black Rubber "Z-Lite" Lantern with Blue Plastic 6 Position Stand 2000
Red/Black Clip Light with Adjustable Head 1700 2007
White "Beamer" Sealed Disposable Light with Clip 2000 2007
4 Cell Yellow/Black Swivel Head Lantern 2150 2007
Zenon Rubber Camo Light 2450 2007
Zenon Rubber Light with Blue Trim 2450 2007
Zenon Steel Light with Rubber Casing 2460 2007
Aluminum Minilight with Black Rubber Casing 3320 2007
Aluminum LED Light with Rubber Trim 3620 2007
2 Cell Aluminum HPX Flashlight with Rubber Grip 3760 2007
Orange Halloween Safety Light 5103 2007
Yellow/Black Mini Industrial Light 5450 2007
Purple "C-Thru" Translucent Light with Black Trim 5450CT 2007
Yellow/Black Industrial II Light with Rubber Hand Grips 5451 2007
2 Cell Yellow/Black Industrial Light 5550 2007
2 Cell Yellow/Black Industrial II Light with Rubber Hand Grips 5551 2007

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