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Flashlights : Misc/Unknown (509)

The flashlights listed in this category are ones that we could not accurately determine the manufacturer/brand. If you think you can help identify any of them, we would love to hear from you.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
White Plastic Mini Light with Black Lanyard and "Army" Imprint 1980
White Squeeze Light with "New Richmond Marching Tigers" Imprint 1980
Black and Orange Auto / Magnet Light with Wind-up Reel 1980
Dark Green Mini Right Angle Light with Pen Clip 7803 1980
Yellow/Grey Plastic Combo Light with Siren, Radio, Blinking Option, and Weatherband 96-A 1980
2/3 Cell Chrome Combo with Ring Hanger 999 1980
Black Rechargeable Plug-In Light with Nite Light MRL-8712 1980
3 Cell Steel Headlamp/Lantern Combo Called "Good Luck" (In Box) T478 1980
2 Cell Black Plastic Light with Blue Trim and Ring Hanger 1981
Black Plastic Light with Clear Ring on Head and Lanyard 1981
1 Cell Reusable "Night Saver" Light 1982
2 Cell Blue/Orange Light 1982
2 Cell Blue/Yellow Light with Lanyard 1983
Black Plastic Combo Light/Binoculars/Magnifier/Tool Kit/Whistle 1983
2 Cell Black Plastic Light with Yellow Trim 1985
2 Cell Black/Yellow Knurled Grip Light with Lanyard 1985
3 Cell Black Light with Blue Trim and Knurled Handle 1985
3 Cell Black Plastic Light with Red O-Ring, Lanyard, and "Power Plus" Label 1985
3 Cell Green Plastic Light with Red O-Ring, Lanyard, and "Powerplus" Label 1985
3 Cell Orange/Black Triple Light Combo with "The Dakota Farmer" Decal 1985
4 Cell Black Plastic Lantern 1985
4 Cell Green/Black Magnet Light 1985
Black Plastic "Patrol" Light with Rubber Push Button Switch 1985
Black Plastic Mini Swivel Light with Belt Clip 1985
Dark Blue 2 Way with Lanyard 1985
Hormel Bacon Bits Flashlight 1985
Off White 2 Way Light with Lanyard 1985
Plastic "Hersheys Chocolate World" Mini Light 1985
Red Leather Heart Shaped Keychain Flashlight 1985
Silver Plastic Flashlight with Eyeball Style Lens 1985
USA Made Chrome Penlite with Black Plastic Top 1985
White/Steel Penlight with "Arnold Alben, Inc." Monogram 1985
White/Steel Penlight with "PG and E" Monogram 1985
Yellow/Red Plastick 2 Way Light with Red Bale 1985
Black Plastic "LeMond" Bicycle Light BL-110 1985
2 Cell Black Plastic Magnet Light with Red Switch and Red Traffic Wand 1990
2 Cell Blue/Silver Plastic Light 1990
2 Cell Two Tone Grey Radio/Siren/Flashlight Combo with Belt Clip and Lanyard 1990
2 Cell Yellow/Grey Combo Light/Timer/Radio Bicycle Light 1990
2 Cell Yellow/White Plastic Industrial Light with Slide Switch and John Deere Logo 1990

Viewing flashlights 321 to 360 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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