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Flashlights : Misc/Unknown (509)

The flashlights listed in this category are ones that we could not accurately determine the manufacturer/brand. If you think you can help identify any of them, we would love to hear from you.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
All Black Plastic Lantern with Lanyard 1990
Black Compact Flex Neck Using Ball Joints 1990
Black Plastic Combo Clock/Light 1990
Black Plastic Krypton Mini Light with Yellow Switch and O-Ring 1990
Black Plastic Lantern with 24 Piece Tool Kit Inside 1990
Black Plastic Light with "Boy Scouts of America" Logo 1990
Black Plastic Mini Light 1990
Black Plastic Right Angle Light with Tool Magazine in Handle 1990
Black Plastic Solar or Battery Light with Extension Arm and Gold Lens Option 1990
Black Plastick Pen Light with Lanyard and Red O-Ring 1990
Black/Purple Combo Light and Radio with Lanyard 1990
Blue & White Penlight with Lipitor Monogram 1990
Dark Blue Plastic 2 Way Light with Lanyard 1990
Gold Paint Plastic Mini Light 1990
Green "M.A.S.H" Compact Light 1990
Orange/Black Auto Light with Cigarette Lighter Plug, Magnet and Windup Cord 1990
Pink / Black Mini-Replica Lantern Keychain 1990
Red/Black Mini-Replica Lantern Keychain Light 1990
White Plastic Promo Light with Orange/Red Diffuser and Lanyard 1990
White/Brown Combo Alarm/Light 1990
Yellow Sports Combo Light/Radio with Ear Buds 1990
Green Combo Light/Radio with Ear Buds LD298 1990
2 Cell Grey/Black Plastic Mini Lantern 1991
2 Cell Halogen Bike Light 1991
Black Plastic Snake Light with Detachable Head and Pocket Clip 1991
Black Plastic Dynamo Light from Russia (In Box) 1993
Black Plastic Hands-Free Worklite with Flexible Neck 1993
2 Cell Black/Red Plastic Light 1995
4 Cell Dark Blue Lantern with Red Down Light and Handle/Stand Combo 1995
Black Keychain Light "Wells Fargo" Student Combo 1995
Black Mini with Red Trim and "Genesis" Imprint 1995
Black Plastic "Ultronic" with Lanyard 1995
Black Plastic Eyeglass Flashlight 1995
Black Plastic Pocket Light with Slide Cover Switch and Keychain 1995
Black Rubber Keychain Light 1995
Black Rubber Mini Light with Chrome Trim & Lanyard 1995
Black Rubber Mini Light with Gray Trim & Orange Push Button Switch 1995
Black Rubber Mini Light with Yellow Trim 1995
Blue & Black Mini LED Light with Lanyard & 2 Way Option 1995
Blue Keychain Light with Aetna Monogram 1995

Viewing flashlights 361 to 400 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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