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Flashlights : Niagara (19)


Founded in Niagara Falls, NY, Niagara was known for solid products and eventually started manufacturing batteries in 1924. They were well known for their small, red hand-held lantern which gave Delta much competition.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
3 Cell Vulcanite Search Light with Slide and Flash Button Switch and Nickel Plated End F43 1915
2 Cell Nickel Plated Light with Original Slide Switch 1918
2 Cell Nickel Plated Miners Light with Slide Switch 1919
2 Cell Fibre Tubular Light with Nickel Plated Ends, Slide and Flash Button Switch 1920
2 Cell Nickel Plated Brass Light with "Steps" Slide Switch and Octagonal Head 1922
3 Cell Ribbed Vulcanite Miners Light with Bullseye Lens and 3 Rivet Slide Switch 1922
2 Cell Ribbed Vulcanite Baby Light with 3 Rivet Slide Button Switch 1924
3 Cell Black Ribbed Miners Light with Nickel Plated Fittings, Slide Switch and Ring Hanger 1925
2 Cell Black/Nickel Plated Light with Slide Switch and Ring Hanger 1930
2 Cell Red Lantern 1930
2 Cell Red Steel Mini Lantern Called "Junior Guide" with Back Handles and Toggle Switch 1933
2 Cell Red "Pioneer" Mini Lantern with Hunter and Dog Decal 1934
2 Cell Red "Trail Blazer" Mini Lantern with Horse and Rider Decal 1934
2 Cell Red "Trailblazer" Mini Lantern Version #3 with No Decal 1934
2 Cell Red "Trailblazer" Mini Lantern with Horse and Rider Decal Version #2 with Smaller Reflector 1934
4 Cell Red "Cub" Mini Lantern with Handles, Bale, and Bear Cub Decal on Top 1936
4 Cell Bear-Cat Lantern 24 1936
Red Lantern with Top Handle and Top Toggle Switch 16 1940
Red Lantern with Top Handle, Top Toggle Switch and Metal Trim on Lens and Collar 16 1940

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