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Flashlights : Coleman (31)

Since 1900, Coleman's obsession, as well as their passion, has always been building a smarter product-one that works harder, lasts longer and performs heroically.

The first product created by Coleman was their lantern, so it stands to reason that their logo is a lantern. Coleman has built more than 50 million of them, since W.C. Coleman made the first one in 1901. That's a lot of lanterns. It's hardly an exaggeration to say they know more about designing outdoor lighting products than anyone else.

From day one, they stepped to the drawing board with a better idea. In the early years, W.C. Coleman realized gas would burn cleaner and more efficiently than the smoky, smelly kerosene which fueled the lanterns of the time. And he was right. His gas lanterns burned remarkably better. In fact during Word War I, the U.S. government declared the Coleman lantern an essential product because it extended the daylight hours of farmers who fed the troops overseas.

Today Coleman continues to revolutionize lantern manufacturing. Their lanterns combine the cumulative wisdom of a century of lantern designs with a steady stream of innovative ideas. They make dozens of models, operated on propane, liquid fuel and batteries. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you can count on Coleman lanterns to light the night.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
4 Cell Black Plastic Lantern 1980
Yellow Plastic Light with Lanyard 1984
2 Cell Forest Green "Outdoor Series" Floodlight 1985
2 Cell Orange/Black Snake "job pro" Light 1985
2 Cell Yellow and Black Ratchet Head 1985
4 Cell Black Plastic Lantern 1985
4 Cell Yellow and Black Plastic Lantern 1985
Black Plastic Hand Held Fluorescent Light with Lanyard 1985
Grey/Black Plastic Halogen Lantern with Rubber Coated Switch 1985
6 Cell Green/Black 8 watt Fluorescent Lantern with Low/High Setting 5344-700 1985
Black Plastic Light with Key Ring 1990
Black Plastic Mini "Nightsight" Light 1990
Grey "Nightsight" Light 1990
Green/Blue/Black Light/Siren/Radio 'Camping For Kids' Combo 1227240 1990
4 Cell Dark Green Dual Action Sport Light with Fluorescent and Lantern Beam 5351 1990
Orange Plastic Mini Swivel Head with Clip Powermate 1990
2 Cell Black "Night Sight" Flashlight 1995
2 Cell Gray Plastic with Red Trim 1995
2 Cell Green Plastic Light with Black and Gold Trim 1995
AA Green Plastic Light with Black & Gold Trim 1995
Blue/Green 2 Way Plastic Light with Belt Clip and Lanyard 1995
Green Pocket Light 1995
Grey Mini "Nightsights" Light 1995
Red Plastic Ratchet Head Light 2000
Multi Function Auto Light with Glass Break, Digital Tire Guage, and Belt Cutter OX37 2000
Brass Colored Plastic Keychain LED Light 2001
Plastic Mini Lantern 2002
Ivory and Grey "Charger III" Plug In Rechargeable Light 5387-701 2002
Green Keychain LED 2003
Red Keychain LED 2003
Swivelhead Kids Light 2004

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