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Flashlights : Homart (22)

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Photo Description Model # Circa
2 Cell Chrome "Scout" Compass Light with Belt Clip 1932
2 Cell Nickel Light 1932
2 Cell 6.75" Brass and Nickel Light with Ring Hanger 1937
2 Cell 7 1/2" with Walleye Lens 1937
3 Cell Miner's Light with Ring Hanger 1937
5 Cell Miner's Light with Ring Hanger 1937
7.5" Brass and Chrome with Ring Hanger 1937
2 Cell Baby Light "Explorer" with Ring Hanger 1940
2 Cell Copper Light with Slide Switch 1940
2 Cell Metal Baby Light with Slide Switch 1945
2 Cell Metal Light with Pyramid Slide Switch 1945
2 Cell Baby Bullet Light 1950
2 Cell Chrome Flood / Spot Light 1950
2 Cell Flood / Spot Bullet Light 1950
3 Cell "Explorer" Ribbed Steel Light with Ring Hanger and Slide and Flash Button Switch 1950
3 Cell Chrome Octagonal Miner's Light with Pullout Push Button Slide Switch and Ring Hanger 1950
3 Cell Flood / Spot Bullet Light 1950
8 Cell "Explorer" Lantern with Light/Dark Blue Case 1950
Bright Beam Lantern 1950
Metal Pen Light with Slide Switch 1950
Penlight with Slide Switch 1950
"Explorer" Lantern (Simulates RA00048) 1980

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