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Flashlights : Maglite (63)


Although a newer flashlight manufacturer, Maglite (Mag Instrument) produces some of the finer flashlights available. Tony Maglica, the founded, originall tested his lights with policemen and firemen. Many other companies have copied Maglite's style and technique.

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Photo Description Model # Circa
4C Cell Blue/Silver Maglite S4C016 1985
AAA Cell Brass Mini-Maglite 1990
AAA Cell Black Solitaire Maglite K3A016 2001
AAA Cell Red Solitaire Maglite K3A036 2001
AAA Cell Pewter Solitaire Maglite (MIB) with "Flashlight Collectors Convention April 2001" Monogram K3A096 2001
AAA Cell Blue Solitaire Maglite K3A116 2001
AA Cell Black Mini-Maglite M2A016 2001
AA Cell Camoflauge Mini-Maglite M2A026 2001
AA Cell Red Mini-Maglite M2A036 2001
AA Cell Blue Mini-Maglite M2A116 2001
AAA Cell Black Mini-Maglite M3A016 2001
AAA Cell Red Mini-Maglite M3A036 2001
AAA Cell Blue Mini-Maglite M3A116 2001
Black Maglite Rechargeable Kit RX1019 2001
2C Cell Black Maglite S2C016 2001
2D Cell Black Maglite S2D016 2001
2D Cell Red Maglite S2D036 2001
3C Cell Black Maglite S3C016 2001
3D Cell Black Maglite S3D016 2001
3D Cell Red Maglite S3D036 2001
3D Cell Gray Maglite S3D096 2001
3D Cell Silver Maglite S3D106 2001
3D Cell Blue Maglite S3D116 2001
3D Cell Dark Green Maglite S3D396 2001
3D Cell Purple Maglite S3D986 2001
4C Cell Black Maglite S4C016 2001
4D Cell Black Maglite S4D016 2001
4D Cell Red Maglite S4D036 2001
5D Cell Black Maglite S5D016 2001
6C Cell Black Maglite S6C016 2001
6D Cell Black Maglite S6D016 2001
AA Cell NASCAR Spectrum Mini-Maglite 2003
AAA Cell NASCAR Spectrum Solitaire Maglite 2003
AAA Cell "Gospel Light" Black Solitaire Maglite with Kit K3A016 2003
AAA Cell Green Solitaire Maglite (MIB) with "Flashlight Collectors Convention April 2001" Monogram K3A396 2003
3D Cell NASCAR Spectrum Maglite S3DCV5 2003
AA Cell Pink Mini-Maglite (MIB) 2005
AAA Cell Dark Green Solitaire Maglite (MIB) K3A012 2005
AAA Cell Grey Solitaire Maglite (MIB) K3A012 2005
AAA Cell Purple Solitaire Maglite (MIB) K3A012 2005

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