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Flashlights : Snake Style (12)

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Photo Description / Brand Model # Circa
2 Cell Off White Snake "Pretzl Lite"
Brand: Universal
2 Cell White/Black Snake Light with Flasher
Brand: Misc/Unknown
Red/Black/Blue Snake Light
Brand: Blue Box Toys
33404 1980
2 Cell Orange/Black Snake "job pro" Light
Brand: Coleman
2 Cell Snake Light with AM/FM Radio
Brand: Scientific Toys, LTD
87630 1985
Black Plastic Snake Light with Detachable Head and Pocket Clip
Brand: Misc/Unknown
Brown Dog Stuffed Animal Snake Flashlight
Brand: Misc/Unknown
2 Cell Red Snake Light Called "Grip Light"
Brand: GSL
2 Cell Dark Green Snake Light "VersaPak" Interchangeable Battery System
Brand: Black and Decker
Gray, Black & Yellow Plastic Snake Light with Fluorescent Light Source
Brand: Black and Decker
Snake Light 2002
2 Cell Black Snake Light
Brand: Black and Decker
SL2 2003
2 Cell Orange Snake Light Limited Edition
Brand: Black and Decker
SL2 2003

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